he said he sent money to his ex

Has Maeva Ghennam manipulated Greg Yega since their relationship began? One of her alleged exes is making surprising revelations about the reality TV candidate. Bebew couldn’t believe it.

Maeva Ghennam: She announced her pregnancy to Greg Yega

It’s hard to know where Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega are. During the eleventh period of Marseilles was broadcast on W9, the two candidates were unclear about the nature of their relationship.

While bloggers have announced their wedding and even an upcoming baby, Greg Yega has not been faithful to Maeva Ghennam. Others said the couple would only be together on television. The girl in Dubai will even have a real secret lover.

Lately, and when they announced their breakup after Valentine’s Day, Maeva and Greg were still stuck. The influencer even offered very original lingerie to her ex. And most of all, she made this joke by unexpected chance: she announced her pregnancy. And, the least we can say is that the girl was disappointed with the reaction of her friend/lover. “I’m telling her, now I’m shooting because I’m pregnant. I had IVF, then Banijai suddenly shot me because I was pregnant with IVF. And he believed! But where do I get it because I’m pregnant with IVF? »

Maeva Ghennam would have sent money to her ex.

Maeva Ghennam: in a relationship with another man alongside Greg Yega?

But, again, Maeva Ghennam’s sincerity is still in doubt. On social networks, a young man who was recently released from prison says he is the ex of the reality tv candidate. Worse, he explained that he received money from Maeva Ghennam while he was in a relationship with Greg Yega.

On Instagram, the account @mayamoTV balances the story where the man says: Maeva Ghennam was a woman I dated in 2017. I don’t want to tell this because I don’t want to hurt Bebew. “ he started.

“He met Greg when I got back to jail, I got out of there not long ago. I looked a little bit at Marseillais, I realized the guy, he is in false total. He played him. Me, I don’t care ’cause she sent me warrants to jail, I have all the documents, our photos of him, our videos of him, I have everything. I want to know, I want to understand why he did it to her.

Maeva Ghennam: She would have sent money to her alleged ex in jail

In another story, the man says he has all the proof of what he is saying. Still according to him, he would have exchanged with blogger Marc Blata throughout his incarceration.

“During my incarceration, Marc Blata I talked to him on Snapchat throughout my incarceration. For you to call Marc Blata, ask him. I am calm on this level.»

However, netizens are skeptical. In fact, in the publication’s comments @MayamoTV, many of them accused the boy of wanting to make buzz: “So he fed you and now his reward?” Lol so people get bad ”; “But he was courted in 2017, why didn’t he say in 2017 and why now ??? It’s still on for buzz a way to want to introduce yourself is not the first »; “The buzz guy to live now. He shouldn’t be taken care of”; “He gave you alms because of your pity and that’s how you thank him ????? Sorry but here is no scratch“.

Greg Yega: betrayed and manipulated by Maeva Ghennam? The candidate laughed

There was another who reacted to the quarter turn, Greg Yega. It must be said that the reality TV candidate (ready to leave Shauna Events) has been madly in love with Maeva Ghennam since they met in Marseillais Asian Tour. However, over time, the two bird lovers continue to separate from each other.

So, too much for Greg Yega (allegedly addicted to il*icit substances) who published his Snapchat story:Finito Pipo. You have to stop taking me for a challenge. There is no sincerity. At some point, well, it’s over !!! I am not a puppet or a toy. Now, I am 28 years old, I know how to make decisions. You need to know how to leave the table when respect is no longer given! No respect for four years, and at some point you have to stop.

After all, we can’t count how many times Greg Yega made this speech … For his part, the main interested party still didn’t react.

Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega: their fan accounts made a radical decision after their twelfth breakup, she reacted!

Greg Yega and Maeva Ghennam have split up … again. Out of annoyance, fans of the couple decided to boycott the two candidates. The girl reacted.

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