C’Chartres Business informs business leaders about the initial effects of the Ukrainian crisis on the local and regional economy

“I am excited to open the first face-to-face event of 2022 at C’Chartres Business. It’s been a while since we’ve met and with pleasure we’ve met physically. We opened this year 2022 with an update on the economic situation of our territory, alas! how topical you are. In these terms, Didier Garnier, president of C’Chartres Business, on Tuesday morning, opened the Chartres association’s appointment of approximately sixty business leaders.Ali Aïchoun, regional correspondent for start-ups at the Banque de France in Eure-et-Loir.

The first economic animation of the year was for the subject of analysis of the regional, departmental and local economic situation through the intervention of Ali Aïchoun, deputy director of the Banque de France, Sébastien Odon, head of the observatory of the House of businesses and jobs. of Chartres Métropole as well as Érik Leconte, representative of the Center-Val de Loire chamber of trades and crafts.

The Banque de France’s economic analysis in February gave hope for the improvement of the economic situation in the second half of this year with a possible calm in the face of inflation and the shortage of raw materials and ingredients for industry. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has disrupted the profitability, employment and investment prospects of economic decision makers.

Two scenarios for inflation in 2022

“The rate of utilization of production capacity was unchanged last February. It was approximately 79%, more than its historical average over fifteen years. This rate hid, of course, the differences within those sub-sectors of the economy.Thus, the automotive, aeronautics, transport sectors, and to a lesser extent the computer, electronic and optical products are less than this fifteen year average.The sectors affected, in particular, of the problem of raw materials.At the beginning of 2022, all sectors of economic activity are faced with the problem of recruitment, which came to curb the rate of utilization of production capacities of companies.

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Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine has added uncertainty to the development of economic activity, but modest in the services and construction sectors, at the moment, “explains Ali Aïchoun, who recalls that at least low economic activity predicts inflation at 3.7 % in 2022 while the pessimistic scenario, with rising oil and gas prices, could lead us to higher inflation and be fixed at +4.4 %.Sébastien Odon from the House of Companies and Employment of Chartres Métropole.

Then, Sébastien Odon narrowed down the analysis by talking about working in the workplace in Chartres Métropole: “It took us almost 18 months to recover from the crisis in Covid. From the beginning of the school year, we saw the growth of employment in the territory of the Chartres Métropole. It is even stronger in Eure-et-Loir than in Center-Val de Loire. We are at 1.6% growth in one year compared to 1.2% at the regional level in 2021. The wage bill in Chartres Métropole also rose after its logical collapse during the Covid era. And if the salary dropped lower than the department during the health crisis, it has risen even higher since the economic recovery. Growth remains dynamic with a double increase in permanent and fixed merger contracts in tandem with temporary employment stagnation. »

Érik Leconte, for his part, reviewed the creation and acquisition of craft businesses in Eure-et-Loir in 2021: “The Center-Val de Loire has 60,000 craft businesses, of which a sixth is present in Eure -et-Loir. They employ about 80,000 people, about 10% of them are apprentices. In 2021, the creation balance is positive at +6.6%. »

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