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Many of you commented on Stéphanie Grammond’s editorial on the CAQ government budget, filed yesterday. Here is an overview of the approximately 200 emails received.

Posted at 2:00 pm

Why not use collectively?

Strongly agree with you, M.ako Grammond. I am one of the recipients of this money, but I am not hot or cold. I prefer collective use: new hospitals, new schools … so much to do. We are not kids who need candy.

Francoise Chesnay

A thoughtless gesture

A check for $ 500 for every person earning less than $ 100,000 will only alleviate the problem. If two adults in the same family earn $ 90,000 each ($ 180,000 family income), don’t tell me they have financial problems. They can only use this money to buy the $ 500 shoes they have been dreaming of for a long time and that will not change their lifestyle. They have no problem with money to cope with inflation and will continue to drive BMWs (two cars per family), have a big house, eat their filet mignon every week, and so on. This is a gesture no more thoughtful than the PCU.

Louise Larouche


Finally, the money is given fairly: I earn about $ 30,000 a year. Often, we give a percentage, depending on the salary. Five hundred dollars for almost all of them is perfect.

Lise Gauvreau

There is no concrete measure

Really, an easy budget, without any concrete measures to stimulate the economy. A check for $ 500, and then what? We can quickly forget this check after a month and inflation will be replaced. Check distribution without income weight is unfair. There is no need to talk about efficiency in health and education networks. So the solution is to pump more money into a system that doesn’t work?

Luc Langlois

Election candy

We pay extra taxes in Quebec. Money back is welcome, even if it’s election candy! Our money will come back to us!

Andre Helms

Priority to people in need

What a bad decision! I am a retiree with a moderate income, but I am happy to leave my $ 500 to people who really need it.

Gerald Dionne

Pay for the unlucky

Strongly agree with M’s review.ako Grammond. It is wiser to pay the poorest than to pay almost the entire population. I would prefer that Régie des rentes du Québec be increased gradually to combat price increases fairly and benefit the poorest.

Francois LeBlanc

A donation to the poor

If receiving this $ 500 check seems inappropriate for so many people who “don’t really need it” because of their income (which, let’s remember, they paid a proportional tax), there’s nothing stopping them from doing so. . give themselves to the less fortunate!

Christian Boisvert, Prevost

And our planet?

No one can object to receiving $ 500, but I see no reason to send it to those earning more than $ 50,000 or $ 60,000 annually. When it comes to health, it’s okay to increase spending, especially in our very elderly population. What frustrates me is the lack of perspective on the environment. In addition to doing nothing to reduce air pollution, we will go as far as to reduce subsidies for the purchase of an electric vehicle. It is easy for a manager to give $ 500 from one pocket and take $ 1,000 as subsidy for the purchase of an electric vehicle in the other pocket. Our governments don’t seem to understand the importance of helping our planet until it’s all too late.

Michel Murray, Repentigny

Bravo, Mr. Girard

For once, we are all equal. Everyone is affected by inflation, even those who pay a lot of taxes. Congratulations, Mr. Girard, thinking of us as well.

Jocelyn Lavigne

An electoral practice

On the surface, the intention is commendable, but, in fact, the “deep” intention is less. We have not been deceived by such generosity that we cannot be more trustworthy on the part of the CAQ as the election approaches. Faced with a hungry opposition, the CAQ does not have to bend to electoral practices belonging to an era we thought was over. François Legault and the CAQ could have gained credibility by targeting the people who need it most …

Jean-Paul Plante, Magog

Pre-election eye powder

The advertised check for $ 500 stuck in my throat. I don’t need this check, I’m lucky to earn a good salary and I prefer the less affluent to have better help, to have better redistribution. It was dust in the eye before the election. It is insulting for the government to think of buying us a check.

Myriam Lepage Ouellette

The times are hard

This is good news. If you don’t need the $ 500, return it. Hard weather, any help is welcome.

Joel Larocque, Bonaventure

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