BridgeTower Capital Partners with Securitize and Chainlink to Expand Staking, Decentralized Finance and Authorized Marketplace Offers in Avalanche

-BridgeTower Announces Launch of Stakeholder Digital Asset Title AVAX at Avalanche-

BARCELONA & SAN FRANCISCO-(BUSINESS WIRE)-BridgeTower Capital, an innovative company that connects blockchain markets around the world, has decided to partner with Securitize, a leader in digital asset securities, to launch the BridgeTower Global Platform offering in authorized markets. BridgeTower is also launching a Staked Digital Asset Security (SDAS) security that will run on an Avalanche subnet.

BridgeTower has partnered with Securitize, its digital transfer agent, to offer its products through a seamless user interface. Investors only need to produce a Securitize ID, where their identity is verified, in accordance with U.S. regulatory standards. They can then simply invest in opportunities within the BridgeTower ecosystem, as well as in Securitize’s own offerings, including shares in private companies and institutional -level funds.

Transactions will use smart contracts, and controlled trustees will provide transparency around asset collateral using Chainlink Proof of Reserve, Oracle’s market-leading solution for on-chain and off-chain. chain reserve auditing. By using Chainlink Proof of Reserve to verify collateral for packaged tokens in the multi-chain ecosystem, BridgeTower Authorized Marketplaces will open up asset liquidity to many of the world’s leading blockchains.

BridgeTower’s authorized markets include decentralized financial products (DeFI), such as custom blockchain staking opportunities, token exchanges, as well as the development of NFTs with art-focused businesses. , recreation and sport, to be able to offer continuous and compliant products from an institutional perspective.

With more than 5,000 staking nodes, BridgeTower uses renewable energy to reduce its carbon footprint. Already a leading provider of proof-of-stake infrastructure for Layer 1 blockchain and Web 3.0 businesses, BridgeTower has built its core staking and decentralized finance businesses through several partnerships and investments made in recent years .

“We have seamlessly combined the value of innovative blockchain staking and decentralized financial products for institutional investors,” said Cory Pugh, CEO of BridgeTower. “We work tirelessly to deliver innovation and regulated processes, using our staking and decentralized financial products in permitted markets, to create a following gateway for institutions to participate in the emerging blockchain opportunity. »

“While there is a great need for institutions to participate in decentralized financial opportunities, the lack of safe places to participate keeps institutions on the sideline. Now that Securitize offers authorized decentralized financial solutions through on-chain attestations, as well as through our partnership with Avalanche to establish an authorized subnet, the doors to regulated decentralized finance are open, ”Jamie said. Finn, president and co-founder of Securitize. “The global integrated platform created by BridgeTower will allow more institutions to enter the market with complete confidentiality.”


“Avalanche is fast becoming a destination, allowing institutions to access innovations from decentralized finance, and bring their own expertise to developing essential on-chain products and ecosystems. I am excited to see BridgeTower and Securitize deepen their involvement in the Avalanche community, developing applications at the institutional level, ”said John Nahas, vice president of business development at Ava Labs.

BridgeTower’s latest product innovation is a staked digital asset title. The new security will receive staking rewards, and after a year of holding it can be traded on the authorized market. AVAX Token Staking Security will consist of AVAX tokens that are staked using smart contracts, to be able to mint utility tokens that are staking in the Avalanche chain and run on a subnet. This will create a single digital asset security designed for institutional investors with the ability to manage KYC, whitelisting, cap table management and reporting activities. BridgeTower will launch other products later this year.

AVAX Security’s Digital Staking Asset will also be offered with the Secure Markets Alternative Trading System, to make it available to a wide range of qualified investors. Currently, more than 400,000 investors participate in the Securitize markets. Eventually, the AVAX staked digital asset title, along with other institutional-grade staking titles, will also be offered in Layer 1, Web 3.0, and other marketplaces.

“We believe this product is unique as a security and will be attractive to institutional investors seeking a global, regulated security to participate in the dramatically expanding blockchain proof-of-stake market. Pugh added. “We are pleased to partner with Securitize and Avalanche, and look forward to the expertise they bring as industry leaders in their respective fields.”

About BridgeTower

BridgeTower Capital is developing a global platform to uniquely offer products in its own licensed marketplaces to provide an institutional platform for staking, decentralized finance, NFTs, as well as Web 3.0 entities. BridgeTower operates more than 5,000 staking nodes, and has servers running on 100% renewable energy. A large portion of the revenues from these products are reinvested to continue to grow BridgeTower’s infrastructure and assets. BridgeTower is a Singapore-based global company, with operating entities in Switzerland and the United States, enabling it to respond in full compliance with the most important jurisdiction in the global economy. Learn more at

About Securitize

Securitize is a digital asset securities firm whose mission is to give stakeholders the ability to invest and trade alternative investments, as well as enable companies to raise investment, manage shareholders and offer to potential cash shareholders. Securitize has launched an end-to-end, all-digital platform for the issuance, management and trading of digital asset securities, in line with the current regulatory framework in the United States, with more than 1.2 million investor accounts and 3,000 connected company. Securitize includes Securitize, Inc. and its subsidiaries Securitize, LLC (SEC Registered Transfer Agent), Securitize Capital, LLC, Securitize Markets, LLC (SEC Registered Dealer, Member FINRA and SIPC, and operator of the company’s alternative trading system), and Pacific Moving Stock. Learn more at

About the Avalanche

Avalanche is the fastest smart contract platform in the blockchain industry, in terms of time to end. Avalanche is incredibly fast, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. All smart contract applications can surpass their competitors by deploying Avalanche. You don’t believe in it? Try an Avalanche app today.

Secure Disclosures

The securities offered on Securitize Markets ATS are not registered under the Securities Act of 1933, and may not be offered or sold in the United States without registration or appropriate exemption from all obligations. The assets listed here, such as digital assets or tokens that use the blockchain, are imaginary, have a high level of risk, are generally not liquid, may be worthless, offer limited regulatory security, subject to possible risks of market manipulation, and may expose investors to loss of capital. Investing in the blockchain involves a level of risk that may be different from traditional markets. These risks include, but are not limited to, the risk of regulatory uncertainty, market adoption, market manipulation, market exit, price volatility, as well as security risk. Investments in private placements, especially investments in startups, are also speculative, and involve a high level of risk. Investors must be able to afford to lose their entire investment. The ability to buy and sell securities in Securitize Markets ATS is determined by Securitize Markets in its sole discretion. Offers to sell, or solicit offers to buy, securities can only be made through official offer documents that contain material information about the risks, charges and costs associated with the applicable securities available for trading. in Securitize Markets ATS. Investors are advised to make due diligence, and are encouraged to consult with a financial advisor, attorney, accountant, or tax advisor, as well as any other professional who can help them understand and assess the risks associated with any investment opportunity. Past performance does not indicate future results. There can be no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will improve overall earnings, better the performance of a non-diversified portfolio, or avoid losses.

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