10 start-ups that want to change our future

START-UP CHALLENGE. At least 139 start-ups have applied to be among the 10 finalists for the sixth edition of the Les Affaires Start-up Challenge. Here, in alphabetical order, the selections participate in the final on June 8th.

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Circulus Agtech

Circulus Agtech wants to improve the fertilization of greenhouses thanks to a circular economy and precision approach. The start-up uses manure and compost from local industries to produce fertilizer that can be used in hydroponic greenhouses and indoor farms. The company measures the nutritional value of its mixtures in real time to ensure optimal bacterial activity.

Iris Keypads

Claviers Iris makes mechanical keyboards designed for the working world rather than the gaming industry. The start-up targets the market of workers who spend more than two hours a day in front of their computer screen. The company wants to market a comfortable keyboard designed locally to compete with global giants whose products are mostly made in China.

Electro Carbon

Electro Carbon’s mission is to convert carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the major greenhouse gases, into valuable chemicals and thus make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change. The company wants to capture the gas and convert it into products such as formate salts, formic acid, formaldehyde or methanol.


Ferreol specializes in the design and manufacture of high performance alpine skis and aspires to be a pioneer in the sustainable ski industry. The start-up was created to make versatile skis adapted to the conditions found in eastern North America. In 2019, it sold the Pionnier 104, an off-trail ski made entirely in Quebec.

Industrial Foxtrot

Foxtrot Industriel specializes in the manufacture of robotic carts for moving heavy cargo in an industrial environment. Its mission is to carry all heavy cargo, without compromising safety. The company says it is possible to move heavy equipment faster and in 50% smaller spaces thanks to its technology, which primarily targets the aeronautical, military, manufacturing and mining industries.

hot poc

Hot Poc wants to reduce the use of single-use hand warmers by marketing products that can be reused up to 100 times. PVC membrane products can warm hands from 15 to 60 minutes and are designed using environmentally friendly materials. The start-up is currently working on improving its product to reduce the speed of heat dissipation.


Iso-Protek wants to change the future of hot and frozen food delivery by tackling the problem of industrial tarps that are only once used and then discarded. By reusing tarpaulins, the start-up has designed a thermal bag that, for example, will allow ready-to-cook meal companies to deliver their products by greatly reducing their consumption of cardboard and cold plates.

Business Insights

Specializing in educational technologies, Perspective Affaires creates and drives educational content to support young people aged 12 to 21 in reaching their full potential. Their first product, the “Je bet sur moi” virtual journey, aims to guide young people through their orientation process, help them define their goals and encourage them to move forward with confidence in their choices.


Piecemeal is an integrated restaurant and food service management platform. It allows inventory management, menu costs, organization of purchases, schedules and parking meters in one place. The start-up wants to enable restaurateurs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to catch up with the technology.


Versatile focuses on recycling waste fabric. In Quebec, each year, 133,000 tons of fabric waste are dumped or buried. There is currently no outlet of this type of waste in the province. The start-up wants to shred the fabrics into small particles that can be used to reupholster furniture, car seats, animal toys and coffins.


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