Quectel launches LC76G, a high-performance single-band GNSS positioning module with very low power consumption

NUREMBERG, Germany-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, today announced the release of its LC76G model, a compact single-band GNSS module for fast and accurate localization, with very low power consumption. The LC76G has already moved into mass production, with sufficient supply to meet the needs of the global … Read more

Top 10 tips for becoming a great start-up boss, success at the expense of others

We are already here, or rather you are here. You finally decide to leave your dull, pathetic life as a loser and become a winner. You’ve long thought you were the Harry Potter of the book of your life when you were just Ron Weasley’s bloody rat. But done, thanks to this top, you will … Read more

WilsonHCG named Outstanding Leader and Enterprise in Everest Group’s 2022 PEAK Matrix® Global RPO Services Assessment

AFP Ukraine: Russia intensified its bombings, kyiv hit its drilling platforms Ukraine on Monday accused Russia of further intensifying its deadly bombing in the east, where its troops are fiercely resisting, and Moscow said it had hit oil rigs in the Black Sea outside Crimea, which combined in 2014 At the same time, on the … Read more

DNA, a Leading Telecom Service Provider in Finland, selects Universal Electronics for its Award-Winning Android TV Remote

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, June 20, 2022-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) (NASDAQ: UEIC), a global leader in wireless universal control solutions for home entertainment and smart home devices, has been selected by DNA, a in Finland, to launch UEI’s award-winning Android TV remote control, UEI KITA . This press release contains multimedia elements. See the full press … Read more

Schneider Electric optimizes Distributed Energy Resource (DER) management through a comprehensive Grid to Prosumer approach

The new approach maximizes network flexibility using the industry’s most comprehensive integrated solution for DER management The AutoGrid and Uplight Partnership Strengthens the Company’s Leadership Position in Grid Management and Microgrid Solutions The solution Prosumer Grid combines the three pillars of DER management: network optimization, service flexibility and prosumer engagement MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, June 20, 2022-(BUSINESS … Read more

The cloud war: opportunities at Amazon, Google, Microsoft?

The superior growth rates of the three technology giants, reaching 35-50% per year, continue to be a major difference. This year’s tech jolt could offer a huge opportunity for investment in cloud computing infrastructure giants, which are enjoying extraordinary growth caused by rapid cloud adoption and strong balance. Recent earnings reports and current analyzes suggest … Read more

Why I prefer cloud gaming than PC or console

I’ve played more games in the cloud than on a dedicated PC or console since late 2019. During that time, I swapped the usual limitations of native gaming for an unobstructed and more versatile experience. Here are six reasons why I prefer cloud gaming platforms, like NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW, over PCs and consoles. Instant access … Read more

Will the vine sent into space be more resistant to heat and disease?

Faced with global warming, which promises New Aquitaine will experience Seville’s climate within a few years, the vine has been particularly exposed. Changes have been observed that, such as an earlier flowering and harvesting period, an increase in alcohol content … Research programs and experiments are proliferating in an attempt to find a suitable response. … Read more