Moscow accelerates its process of Russification of the regions of southern Ukraine | War in Ukraine

Moscow accelerates its process of Russification of the regions of southern Ukraine |  War in Ukraine

If the Kherson region was quickly occupied by the Russian army at the beginning of the war, Zaporijia would not have completely collapsed. The capital of the region, also called Zaporizhia, remains under Ukrainian control in particular. The presidential decree approved by the master of the expanded Kremlin makes it a provision applied since 2019 … Read more

Development: let’s go for the blue economy

Development: let’s go for the blue economy

The World Bank has just approved a $ 350 million loan to support the launch of the government’s blue economy program. This line of credit aims to stimulate job creation and economic growth, while improving the sustainability and stability of natural resources, as well as food security, an issue that has become even more important … Read more

Boeing’s space capsule, the Starliner, is finishing its test mission

The Starliner, the Boeing capsule, will return to Earth Wednesday night after six days in space, the last major phase of its test mission to establish a new mode of transportation on the International Space Station. The landing of the capsule, with no passengers on board, is to take place at 6:49 pm time on … Read more

Rent your house by the room without leaving your shirt there

(Image: 123RF) SOMETIMES … YOUR FINANCES. Many people are looking for extra income, especially considering the marked increase in the cost of living in recent months. Some take advantage of this to make the rooms, equipment or space in their residence profitable, when it is not the entire property, thanks to sharing economic applications. Before … Read more

Kyiv denounced Russia’s “blackmail” over the removal of sanctions

Contributions are open from 9 am to 9 pm on this live stream. Fighting is raging in eastern Ukraine. Russia is stepping up its offensive against the last pocket of resistance in the Luhansk region, where the situation “empire hourly”according to Ukrainian authorities. “The Russians are advancing in all directions at once”regional governor Serhi Haïdaï … Read more

Informatica will bring IDMC to the Oracle cloud

Last year, after five years of development and successive acquisitions, Informatica was proud that it had completed the design of a cloud native, multicloud and hybrid architecture. Therefore, the publisher relies on its Informatica Data Management Cloud (IDMC) platform, a PaaS built on the foundations of iPaaS Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS). This base is … Read more